Great Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Traveler destinations in Kenya are many owing to the nation's breathtakingly varied landscapes and fascinating culture. No other nation in the world can provide the visitor as much to see and do. Within the borders of a single nation, you will find savannahs abundant with huge game, classic cultures the same by the contemporary world, beautiful beaches and reef, equatorial forests and magnificent snow-capped mountains, scorching deserts and cool highland retreats and limitless chances for experience, discovery, relaxation; more than you would ever anticipate.

From powder-soft remote beaches, national forests bristling with countless wildlife (consisting of the much-in-demand "Big Cats" and "Big Five") to lakes overflowing with fish and birds along with mountains, cities, and museums, Kenya really provides the tourist an exceptional variety of options consisting of activities such as movie production. Hollywood has a long-standing affair with Kenya that goes back to the 1930's.

Leading traveler locations in Kenya

Wildlife Parks

Amboseli National Park which provides astounding concentrations of elephants and awesome views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tsavo West & Tsavo East National Parks, which is an outstanding place for visitors who take pleasure in strolling and who have time to invest days going to the environments and the varied environments that the park provides.: open plains with spread savannah bushes and semi-desert scrub, acacia forests, rocky ridges and outcrops and separated hills, riverine plants, palm thickets and on the Chyulu Hills, mountain forest.

The Weather and Climate in Kenya


Provided a nearly foreseeable equatorial environment, Kenya is a preferred traveler location in East Africa, particularly with safari fans. But it might amaze many to know that the environment varies in numerous areas. Some places in Kenya are cool every day while some are cool and hot at some time most days. There are also hot and damp and hot and dry environments, as well as an area of snow in its high mountain peaks.

Kenya's Climate

A sub-Saharan and an equatorial nation, pushing the equator with the Indian Ocean to its southeast and Lake Victoria to its west, Kenya has a varied location that is defined by differing rains, temperature levels and humidity that divide the nation into zones with unique weather condition patterns. Check out this website for further details about Kenya Holiday Safari.

Coastal Weather Zone:

The weather condition here is primarily damp with rains averages of 20mm-300mm throughout the months of February through May. The rains along the coast are figured out by northeast and southeast monsoon winds that blow beginning in October through to April. Temperature levels vary from lows of 220C and highs of 300C, making the area a perfect traveler center for sun tanners who might want to delight in a cold "madafu" (fresh coconut milk).

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